And the Ugliest Dog IS….

You could argue that there are no ugly dogs, since they are all cute in their own special ways. But you’d be wrong to argue that. Have you seen some of the past years winners?

Worlds Ugliest Dog ugly Dog 2012 winnerugly Dog 2013 winner ugly Dog 2011 winner


OK, so 2013 was  kind of cute, just a weird combo of several dogs put together really. So this year the winner was more of missing parts. Born with a birth defect, Quasi Modo looks like half a dog, with all the legs. She kind of reminds me of a potbellied pig I knew once, just with a dogs head on it. Here She is. Miss America’s Ugliest Dog. I was going to do the whole lyrics but I’m a little lazy. Here’s Quasi Modo, the 2015 Ugliest Dog Winner.