Minnesota Country Salute CD Vol 7 Track List

We are honored and grateful to be able to put out another CD featuring our talented, homegrown artists in order to raise money for Tribute to the Troops and Minnesota Military Family Foundation! Please see the track list below and get your copy of the new CD in November 2020!

Keep your knob on BOB to learn where you can buy yours coming soon!




  • Rockie Lynne – Red, White and Blue
  • Jenn Bostic – Haunting Me
  • Shane Martin – Cut from the Same Cloth
  • Sailor Jerri – Won’t Be for Nothing
  • GB Leighton – When You Get Home
  • Julie Eddy – Sugar Rush
  • Chris Hawkey – The Long Road to The Middle
  • The Farmer’s Daughters – Two Weeks
  • Tim Sigler – Honky Tonk Dream
  • Hitchville – I Ain’t Gonna Lie
  • Hailey James – With You
  • Plott Hounds – Lay You to Rest
  • Ali Gray – Up North Country Life
  • Anderson Daniels – Cheyenne
  • Jeff Dayton – Livin’ Like Me
  • The Jason Paulson Band – I’m Gonna Sing
  • Maygen Lacey – If I Were Standing
  • Jake Nelson – Worth It
  • Mitch Gordon – Beer Joint