An Open Letter To The Minnesota Vikings Organization

We may have found the perfect candidates for your General Manager and Head Coach positions.


Qualifications for our General Manager recommendation:

  • 20+ years experience as Senior Management at a multi-million dollar entity in the Metro area.
  • 20+ years experience managing National and International outreach and public relations.
  • 25+ years experience negotiation millions of dollars worth of broadcasting contracts
  • 30+ years experience acquiring and developing legacy talent.
  • 35+ years experience of coaching, developing and growing the value of brands throughout the state of Minnesota.
  • 50+ years experience of talent evaluation of all levels of football.
  • Looks good in purple.

Qualifications for our Head Coach recommendation:

  • Managed 5 teams of All-Star players
  • Lead all 5 teams to championship games, winning with 4
  • 5 championship appearances in last 10 years with 3 wins
  • Quoted by multiple former players as a players coach
  • A player-relatable, youthful energy that could blossom into a legacy tenure.
  • Has a career win percentage of 58%
  • Has a fiery vocabulary when addressing disagreements with officials.


Your General Manager is Neil Freeman, and your head Coach is Geoff Jones.

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