Trisha Yearwood Wins the Betty White Challenge

Yearwood (Photo: Kathy Hutchins /

Trisha Yearwood, fundraising extraordinaire

Monday WOULD have been the 100th birthday for the legendary Betty White. We’re still getting over the fact that she left us just 17 days before she could reach that milestone. Especially the editors of People Magazine. They sent millions of copies of their January edition featuring Betty White on the cover saying how lucky she was to be in such great health. Ouch.

In honor of our favorite Golden Girl, someone on the internet had the wherewithal to come up with the Betty White Challenge. Honoring Betty White’s 100th birthday by donating $5 to any local animal shelter.

In steps Trisha Yearwood.

She jumped on TalkShopLive to livestream a fundraiser for Dottie’s Yard Fund, named after Trisha’s own rescue dog Dottie. And she raised over $24,000 in just 15 minutes. And the donations have CONTINUED to pour in after the fact. Those funds get donated to animal shelters all around the country.

If you’re interested in a local organization you can support to check out Ruff Start Rescue in Zimmerman. It doesn’t have to be Betty White’s birthday to donate!