Own a Vehicle? Protect Your Catalytic Converter!

These things are being stolen left and right…

Catalytic converter theft has become such a huge issue in the last 2 years that it lead to a state program in effort to curtail the problem. And Anoka County just joined the program meant to protect your property.

Like Anoka County Sheriff James Stuart said, it’s pretty sad that we even have to do this just to keep someone from crawling underneath your vehicle to saw off a piece of your car, but the Catalytic Converter Theft Prevention Pilot Program is a step we can all take to help prevent the crime.

Essentially, when you go to a participating location you’ll receive a special label that sticks to the underside of your catalytic converter with a unique number. While you’re driving your car, the heat produced by your vehicle actually transfers the etching onto your catalytic converter, making it traceable. Plus it makes it easy to recognize as stolen when a thief tries to sell it.

This program is aimed at the 15 most stolen vehicles:

Chevrolet Express

Ford Econoline

Ford F250

Honda Acord

Honda CRV

Honda Element

Honda Odyssey

Hyundai Santa Fe

Hyundai Tuscon

Kia Sportage

Mitsubishi Eclipse

Mitsubishi Lancer

Mitsubishi Outlander

Toyota Prius

Toyota Tundra

If you own one of the vehicles listed above, you’re being offered a label at no charge to you. There’s cities throughout the state that are offering this program. The list is pretty long, so we’ve attached it here.