Remember When Alan Jackson Learned He Was Cast for a Nude Movie Role?

Watch what happens when you prank Alan Jackson into thinking he’s just signed on for 2 full frontal nude scenes

So back in the early 90’s when Alan Jackson was starting to dominate the world of Country Music, TNN’s talk show Crook & Chase thought it would be great to convince Jackson that he’d been cast in a new movie that required 2 full frontal nude scenes.

Here’s the set up.

The Crook & Chase Show recorded a FAKE segment of their show with the breaking news that Alan Jackson had signed on to appear in the new movie California Cowboys. And they had a full studio audience play along. They even had video footage from people on the street reacting to the news.

The show then casually played the fake segment while Alan Jackson was waiting in the lobby of the TNN Studios with his management (who were also in on the gag). Watching Alan Jackson’s ear’s perk up when he hears this news is great… but when his wife calls him to figure out what’s going on is priceless!