Deer Season Is Coming. Is Your Area a Lottery This Year?

Not that we’re trying to make a Minnesota summer go any faster, but…

You may have missed the MN DNR’s update on this years deer season. Don’t worry, it was mostly good news. In fact Kelly Straka from the DNR said that, “Hunter’s in 20% of our deer permit areas will have increased opportunities for harvest, and opportunities in 70% of DPAs will remain unchanged from last year.” It sounds like the northernmost areas were impacted by the severe winter, lowering populations and limits in those permit areas.

If you need to enter the lottery for an antlerless permit, you can take of that right now. Check out the DNR’s map for your area just to be sure.

Here’s the biggest change. A sample of harvested deer is going to be required for Chronic Wasting Disease in all area’s noted for the opening weekend of the rifle season, November 5-6. Those areas are all noted when you check the DNR’s map this season. Hunters will need to submit their sample AFTER your deer has been registered through one of 4 ways.

  • Submit samples through partnering taxidermists
  • Drop off a deer head at a self-service sampling station
  • Use a mail in kit to send lymph nodes from your harvested deer
  • Make an appointment at area wildlife offices in a designated CWD zone

Find a drop-off location or request a mail in kit on the DNR’s website right here