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Join Hall of Fame fishermen Mark Fisher and Larry Bollig as they discuss all things hunting and fishing related!

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  1. Gunnar Miesen

    Hey you two, lots of cool things happening in the old school bass scene here in MN. Camp Fish is being re-opened by the Lindner family and Guys like Bob Spreigl are re-appearing and kick’n butt as always. So the discussion I would like to start is Should the Iconic Don Shelby invitational be brought back on Lake Minnetonka. I would love to hear a one of Mark’s stories from those haloed days in September. Denny Nelson will consider being the tournament director, and folks like Moynagh, the Capra’s, Leifermann, Frankie and Hildebrand who I have all spoke with like the idea. I am willing and very able to do the work if we can get The Blessing from Don Shelby. Any of your thoughts or insight would be most helpful thanks Gunnar Miesen

  2. Jake

    Found it rude when you hung up on me on this pollution from ethanol. You said you had it covered but didn’t bother to hear what I had to say or ask if there’s anything else. So this is what I was gonna say… The only problem with it is its all screwed with by Monsanto. The pollution of ground water from fertilizers and round up ready seed is on monsanto. I dare you to drink the well water in freeborn county! Maybe take a survey on the cancers of the residents in southern mn.

  3. Mike Rau

    You guys don’t have your facts straight on ethanol. Ethanol is not corrosive. Ethanol burns clean. The bi-product from ethanol can be used as feed for cattle. The enormous amount of water that you speak of that it takes to produce ethanol is mostly evaporated and re-introduced into the atmosphere and comes back to Earth as clean precipitation. The only problem with ethanol is that it absorbs water and the water is what corrodes metal in the fuel system. There is a lot of myths about ethanol and it seems to me that you are basing your argument on ethanol based on the myths. I agree that there is some negative impact from farming to the environment but to say that ethanol is causing more of a negative impact is just ridiculous. If the corn wasn’t being made into ethanol farmers would still be growing corn anyways so would we be blaming ethanol for any negative impact that farming has on the environment then? I don’t think so.

  4. Mark Linder

    Fish mortality in fishing tournaments needs to be addressed,their has to be another way,photo and measure,It does take a toll on public waters but with all the money and influence of those bass and walleye tournaments nothing will change.

  5. Robert W. Cordell

    You all were talking last night 3 Sep 2017 about a line that you all have been ussing to replace mono line for leaders. I belive it was from Clam could you please let me know. Thanks Bob C.

    1. Brian Lorntson

      Hi Robert, thank you for asking. I will be sure and ask Larry and Mark next Sunday night. Make sure you listen Sunday Night 7-9. I’ll also reply here! Thanks for your question. ~Brian (Producer of “Bear Facts & Fish Tales)

  6. Eric

    Happy new year! I’m wondering when you typically download the latest shows to this site? My son was on yesterday and is super excited to listen. Thanks you. We love the show and the station.

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