Ashley Paige




Birthday: August 11th

Hometown: Hastings, MN

Favorite Color: Turquoise

Favorite Food: Grandma’s Manicotti

Where did you go to school?
Brown College

How did you end up in radio?
“I didn’t go to college right away after high school, so I was 24, floundering through life and was flirting with the idea of going back to school. I’m definitely a night owl, so one night I was up and watching TV late and saw a commercial for Brown College advertising their radio broadcasting program. Music has always been a huge passion of mine so what better way to incorporate my love for music in to a job I knew I would enjoy. It was like a light bulb went off – it just made absolute sense and it was like God was saying, ‘this is where you’re supposed to be, dummy.’ I knew I was on the right path because of how much fun I had and how much positive reinforcement I got when I was in school.”

Who is your favorite country artist?
“There are two songs that if they come on my iPod, I will never skip them. One is Reba’s ‘Fancy’, which has always just resonated with me and I’m not sure why. The other one is Billy Currington’s ‘Must Be Doing Something Right’, which I’m pretty sure is going to be my wedding song when I get married this October.”

If you were going on a road trip and could only bring one album with you, what would it be and why?
“I would have to bring my Fleetwood Mac ‘Greatest Hits’ album because I’m a country girl, which I get from my mom, but I’m also rock n’ roll thanks to my dad and Fleetwood Mac is my favorite. If I could pick more than one, I’d bring one from Garth Brooks next and then Adele.”

What’s your favorite country music moment?
“The one that just makes me laugh is when Justin (my fiancé) and I went to Garth Brooks last November. Justin comes from a rock station, and isn’t well versed in country. So if you went to the Garth concert, you know how jam packed it was and we were standing in line and Justin blurts out, ‘can’t wait until he plays “Thunder Roads”!’ and everyone around us was like ‘who is this guy??’. It was adorable and embarrassing all at the same time.”

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