Ballard’s Resort Summer Walleye Connection 2022

Memories were made at Ballard’s Resort

We had an incredible time on Lake of the Woods this year! Ballard’s Resort is truly one of the greatest ways you could possibly enjoy the fishing up north. We had 2 days of guided fishing that was good enough for my boat to limit out 3 times over. Obviously, we released the extras but it was still fun to stay busy. Ken even pulled up a beautiful 40 1/2 inch northern that you could never call a snake. That thing was damn near a watermelon with teeth.

I shared laughs with Byrl, Bradley, Winslow and Ken on the boat. And nearly cried with laughter alongside Carole, Jan, and Katie. The Hegna boys, Mike, Mark, and Lee made some great father/sons memories, and David and Colton did the same as grandpa/grandson… those kind of memories are more precious than their weight in gold. Tanya and “Big Bad” Dawn had some good old fashioned sister time on the lake, out fishing most of us too… Mike and Carol always welcomed anyone to sit down and laugh over an ice cold beer. Bruce and Paulette, Ken, Warren, and Gary made for easy conversation on the patio each evening. And Nick won the week with his 29″ Walleye.

And everyone that I talked with said, “Geoff this is some of the best fishing I’ve ever had. Please let me know when I can sign up for next year!”

So when you get the opportunity to sign up for the next Ballard’s Resort Walleye Connection, you’d better hurry before it fills up!

~ Geoff Jones

Ballard’s Resort Walleye Connection 2022

  • Nick, 29 in Walleye

  • Ballard: Whole Group Fun 2022

  • Ballard: Whole Group Serious 2022

  • Ballard: Ken, 40+ Inch Northern

  • Ballard: Tanya, Walleye

  • Ballard: Carol, Walleye

  • Ballard: Mike, Walleye

  • Ballard: Mike & Carol

  • Ballard: Big Bad Dawn, Walleye

  • Ballard: (Left to right) Bruce, Paulette, Dawn, Mike, Tom, Tanya and Carol

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