Watch: First Trailer For “The Return of Tanya Tucker”

She had a bit of a dry spell

In 2019, Tanya Tucker released her first album of original music in nearly two decades. And as soon as we heard the songs from While I’m Livin’, we knew they needed to be played on BOB FM. And we weren’t the only ones. Tanya Tucker went on to win her first EVER Grammy award, two in fact. in January of 2020, she won Best Country Album for While I’m Livin’ and Best Country Song for “Bring My Flowers Now.” Tanya’s last nomination for a Grammy was way back in 1994.

So what was it that changed? Was it Tanya Tucker? Was it the music industry? Or did Brandi Carlile see something in Tanya that the rest of the world had forgotten? That’s the aim of this new film, The Return of Tanya Tucker. It’s coming out this fall and the very first trailer just dropped