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  • Fire on the water: It’s Dragon Boat time on Lake Superior August 27, 2016
    Lots of people think dragons are mythical creatures. They’ll be pretty lively on Saturday, though, when dozens of dragon-headed boats take to the water for the 15th Lake Superior Dragon Boat Festival. It takes a lot of coordination for 22 paddlers – plus a drummer in front and someone steering in back – to keep […]
  • A St. Cloud church is suing the city to keep its tiny house August 27, 2016
    There’s a big stir over a tiny house in St. Cloud. A local church has turned to the U.S. court system as it tries to keep on its property a small structure where an otherwise homeless man has been living for the last few months. St. John’s Episcopal Church says it was told by St. […]
  • VIDEO: Target pledges equal pay on Women’s Equality Day August 27, 2016
    Target and Delta are among the companies that pledged Friday to pay women and men equally. Friday was also Women’s Equality Day. Target released a statement saying the Minnesota-based company is “honored to sign the White House Equal Pay Pledge.” It went on to say the company has had a goal of pay equality for awhile. Target […]
  • Jaleel White/Steve Urkel now has a Spam ribbon at the MN State Fair August 27, 2016
      Jaleel White was still hanging out at the Minnesota State Fair Friday. The actor, maybe best known for playing Steve Urkel on “Family Matters,” was originally spotted Thursday (to many peoples’ delight). And on day two, he posted the above photo to Instagram He’s apparently being followed by a camera crew, though no word […]

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