Willie Nelson’s Early ’90s Taco Bell Commercial Helped Him Pay off His $16 Million Tax Bill

In 1993, Willie Nelson settled his tax debt of $16.7 million with the IRS down to $9 million. The IRS showed up to his house to take all of his assets and properties that were scattered across six different states. He released The IRS Tapes: Who Will Buy My Memories? to try and earn some money to pay off his debt.

That wasn’t the end of his great ideas to try and earn some money to pay off his debt and avoid jail time. His idea was to write a jingle for a Taco Bell commercial. Taco Bell was looking for someone to advertise their brand new steak burrito supreme and they got Willie to be their guy!

Willie was still in the middle of his tax trouble and the money he received from the Taco Bell ad helped him pay off his tax bill in full.

Watch the ad here:

Photo courtesy of Rolling Stones/Whiskey Riff