Geoff Jones

Join Geoff for your Afternoon Drive from 3:00PM to 7:00PM!

Geoff Jones has been in radio broadcasting for 8 years. Geoff went to Brown College for Radio Broadcasting and his first job was here at BOB FM. Since he started at BOB, Geoff has worked in various positions including sales, Traffic, Production, Programming, and as an on-air announcer. Currently, Geoff is the announcer for the Afternoon Drive segment on BOB and he is in charge of Music and Production, as well as programming for BOB and the Big Q.

Geoff resides in Anoka, MN. He and his wife, Cayla, are expecting their first child in February 2018. In his spare time, Geoff enjoys landscaping, gardening, and fishing during the summer, and looks forward to deer opener every year.




  1. LuAnn Greninger

    Hi Geoff,
    This is you know who…

    I have a couple Tri-Bond ideas for you. As you can tell, I totally love playing this every day. I have an alarm set on my cell, so I don’t miss it. But BOY some of your clues are tougher than nails or a cement block, then I hear the answer and I go nuts because it did make sense and missed it. Another thing is, I’ll be on the cell and my landline and they’re both ringing, I called right away with the answer, NO, I really mean, NO answer from you. Boy, I get dumned out. My husband thinks I’m addicted to this. He laughs at me but I will admit, that I am addicted. I can’t get enough of it.

    OK, here are my clues and I guess I’ll include the answers for you. They might be too hard for you to solve. haha

    bed circles
    toss roots
    decorations knots

    answers: types of pillows parts of a tree

    I’ll send more later, it’s a thinking process, I get a word and then find 3 words that go with it.

    Something personal I want to share, I live with depression and had ECT treatments. Not all of my memory came back. In 2007
    In 2014, I think, I was in a car accident, a big concussion and lost more of my memory, remembering things and comphresion skills. So this is an awesome way for me to exercise my thinking skills. I don’t know what made me tell you this, but it’s the game that works for me and I feel we’re like brother and sister, but we just never with met. Maybe at the State Fair this year.

    Geoff, You are awesome and I’m glad to have this connection with you 😉

    Thanks for listening OR reading this!!

    LuAnn Greninger from Otsego

  2. LuAnn Greninger

    One more thing, I came up with a song for tomorrow
    Alabama– “Angels Among Us”
    What do you think? Good or not? They will with the angels by them!

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