Watch: Surprise Announcement About the MN Country Salute CD!

A Big Change This Year…

Brandon Backstrom came into the studio to help Neil and Jim announce the lineup of the Minnesota Country Salute CD Volume 10. Which will be the very last Minnesota Country Salute CD.

1 Rockie Lynne – The Real World

2 Rocket Club – Come On Home

3 Hitchville – Why Would He Want You Back

4 Shane Martin – I’ll Drink to That

5 Jenn Bostic – Minnesota Nice

6 Troy Castellano – This One’s On Me

7 Sarah Morris –The Longest Night

8 Jake Nelson – Better Off

9 Hailey James – What I Shouldn’t Say to Me

10 Jeff Dayton – Who Gets to Live Like That

11 Adam Brandt – Sierra

12 Poppa Bear Norton – Grandpa

13 Chaunté Shayne – Drunk In My Hometown

14 Gary West – I Don’t Do It for the Money (I Do It for the Love of Cash)

15 Tony Cuchetti – The After

16 Anderson Daniels – The Wrong Guy

17 Bill Litzau – Home To You

18 Chad Johnson – They’re The MN T’s

19 Russ Parrish – Ice Cold Beer

20 Jim Anthony – Let’s Go For a Drive

Over the past 10 years, BOB FM and our Homegrown Artists have created these Minnesota Country Salute CD Albums and donated the net proceeds to some wonderful organizations. Through our first 9 years we’ve raised over $235,000 that’s been distributed between the Minnesota Military Family Foundation, Tribute to the Troops and Minnesota Wheels of Honor.

This year we hope to get over the quarter million dollar mark. If you or your business would like to help sponsor the project or help distribute the CD, please contact Neil Freeman,

And keep an eye out for the special pop-up sales of the limited edition of the Minnesota Country Salute Greatest Hits album.